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C o m e G r o w W i t h U s Admin Login | WiFi Router Configuration is an IP address utilized by switches of specific models to recognize themselves on the system. It is one of the addresses in the supposed “private system 16-bit piece address space” which is saved for use inside private systems. This address space comprises of 65,536 delivers which ended up being excessively for little home systems. Common home or private venture arrange utilizes only a subset of it and most switches save 192.168 1.254 territory for their system. is held for communicated information exchanges (sending information to all PCs in the system). Consequently is the last usable address in the range. is held to recognize the system and furthermore couldn’t be utilized. So if your switch utilizes as an IP address despite everything you have 253 tends to accessible for utilize (

Following brands use

Certain models of Linksys Routers/Modems

Alcatel Modems

Westell DSL Modems

3Com Routers/3Com Modems

Billion Routers/Billion Modems

Netopia Cayman Gateways

In case you’re endeavoring to design your modem or switch, you have to ensure that you know its IP address. Authoritative interface for the modem/switch is just accessible through this IP address.

Default User Name and Password

Most switches with default IP address utilize administrator for username and administrator as a secret key. Alcatel and Thomson modems utilize Administrator as a username and clear as a watchword. OvisLink modems utilize administrator as a username and airlive as a secret key.

Recovering switch IP address

Contingent upon which working framework you use, there are diverse advances associated with getting IP address of the modem/switch. Kindly observe underneath guides for different working frameworks that we arranged. For organization points of interest of particular modem/switch you have to allude to organization manual for that particular model.

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