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Jason Wilkinson Nursery is a family owned and operated (third generation) field production nursery. Our family has been supplying the nursery and landscape industry since 1932. Our nursery was started on a lot the size of a tennis court by John and Yvonne Wilkinson. Today Jason WIlkinson Nursery is growing quality nursery stock on hundreds of acres of cultivated land.


We offer a superior finished product by starting with only Grade A quality liners. Our fields and plants are continually manicured. Smaller items are hand dug and put in fiber pots or burlap with flat baskets. Larger plants are machine dug with wire baskets using truncated diggers.

We grow  a wide variety of trees and evergreens. Looking for large caliper trees up to 8″? Look no further!


We offer everything from the usual to the unusual, small to large, B&B to container grown. Years of experience have taught us which suppliers we can depend on for the zone hardy, reliable, quality stock you have come to expect from us.

We can coordinate shipping anywhere in the Northeast, and we offer installation services.

Thank you for considering Jason Wilkinson Nursery as one of your suppliers of quality plant material.


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