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Our Roots

Our Story Begins with only top-quality lining out stock… young trees & shrubs.


Trees & shrubs are then potted using our potting machine and put into our unique “Pot-in-Pot” growing system. OR planted into our fields using one of our three tractor-pulled planting machines. We plant approximately 8,000-10,000 trees & shrubs annually.

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Many of our 300 plus acres are irrigated using retention ponds, wells or local creeks. We use either overhead, drip or portable traveling irrigation equipment.


Our fields are maintained to keep pests, diseases, and weeds to a minimum.


Deer Damage is a constant battle. We protect our tree trunks from buck rubs with corrugated plastic tree guards. We attach as many as 4,000 per year.


Plants are dug either by hand or with one of our mechanical tree spades.


Dug items are brought to the edge of the field & either loaded directly onto tractor trailers for shipment… OR brought into our 3 acre sales lot.


While we grow a wide assortment of Plant Sizes and varieties, we specialize in large, instant trees & shrubs.


These trees, each almost 40′ tall, had  84″ diameter root balls, weighing in at approximately 4.5 tons each. Only 2 fit on this tractor trailer bound for New Hampshire.


The man standing on this root ball is 6’tall.


We pride ourselves in 3 generations of quality and service. John & Yvonne Wilkinson founded the family business in 1932.


Our founder, John W. Wilkinson received the prestigious “Nurseryman of the Year award in 1985.


Drought… and on the other end of the spectrum, Floods… are just two of Mother Nature’s obstacles that we face.


Thank you for allowing us to provide you with quality landscaping products!
~The family and staff of jason Wilkinson Nursery.

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