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Douglas Fir


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The Douglas Fir offers our favorite qualities of the Fir tree family to those Christmas tree lovers who crave a big, full, fun tree.While most species of Firs have a neat, tapered shape, the Douglas starts out wide at the bottom, and stays wide all the way up the tree.

The needles on the Douglas are slightly longer, and very soft to the touch. The branches are not overly large, but still plenty strong enough to hold heavy decorations. The rich green color is the same on the top and bottom of the needle.

Like all Fir trees, the Douglas offers very good needle retention and can easily last in your home for an entire month.

The fragrance of the Douglas is as distinctive as it is enjoyable. While it may seem a bit odd to describe the aroma this way, it is best described as a sweet, citrus like smell. While that may seem contrary to the traditional Balsam scent, just about anyone who has owned a Douglas Fir will tell you the fragrance is wonderful. Douglas-Fir-Needles

Here’s a tip to keep your tree smelling great all season: clip off a small bit from the end of 10 branches every day or two. Pick branches that are buried beneath other branches so the clipped ends won’t show. Clipping the branches exposes the interior of the branches, releasing that sweet fragrance we all enjoy! Give it a try, you’ll notice the difference.

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