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Scotch Pine


The ScotScotchPine (1)ch Pine (or “Scots Pine”) originally was introduced from the Scottish Highlands and now has spread from New England across the Midwest. As a Christmas tree Scotch Pine is probably the most commonly used species in the United States. Scots Pine Branches are very stiff and will take will that will support

fabulous-christmas-tree-decoration-with-scarfs-cherry-balls-pine-and-yellow-ribbonabundant decorations and relatively heavy ornaments. In fact, unlike most other Christmas tree species, Scotch pine tends to hold its needles even when the tree becomes very dry. This evergreen pine has a lovely dense bright green to dark green foliage. The Scotch pine’s earthy fragrance lasts throughout the season.


Nine to ten years in the field are required to produce a perfect 6-7 foot tree. All of our trees are hand selected with special care and attention to shape, density, color and are cut at the last possible moment to ensure freshness.


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