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Christmas Tree Care


The most essential need of your cut tree is WATER. DO NOT LET IT GO DRY. Check stand daily and add water with Prolong as needed. While some shedding (needle dropping) is normal, if you should fail to keep the tree in water AT ALL TIMES, your tree will start to drop its needles excessively.

When you bring your tree indoors, immediately add WARM water to your tree stand – warm water allows the pores to open. The first couple of days, the tree should drink vigorously. Check water level frequently.


We recommend the use of Prolong, which causes the tree to absorb more water than usual, keeping the tree fresher longer. Prolong is NOT harmful to children or pets. (See bottle for dilution information.)


Christmas Tree Care & Installation

1. After leaving our lot with your live tree, place the tree in a warm, but not heated, area – such as in a garage – for a day or two prior to bringing it indoors. The reason for this is to lessen the shock that the live tree will be going through with the change in heated environments and the process of transplantation.

2. When your bring the tree indoors, place the root ball in receptacle, which will hold about 1″ of water. It is recommended that your do not leave your tree indoors for more than 14 days.

3. When you are ready to take your tree back outdoors for planting, once again place the tree in a warm, but not heated, are – such as in a garage – for a day or two prior to bringing it indoors. Once again, this is to lessen the shock of transplanting the tree.

4. Plant your tree immediately. Do not attempt to overwinter your Christmas tree out of the ground. We recommend using Espoma Bio-Tone (fertilizer product line carried in our store) to give the roots a healthy start. (See product package for complete details).

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