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White Pine

white-pine-branches-closeupThe Eastern white pineĀ  is among the best-selling Christmas trees in America. It is valued for it delicate appearance and excellent needle retention, and is especially well-suited for small and lightweight ornaments. You may wish to choose the eastern white pine as your Christmas tree if you have allergies, since its scent is light. The soft, flexible needles, ranging from silver-green to blue-green in color, are 2 to 5 inches long and regularly arranged in groups of five.
Many types of Christmas trees, including the Eastern white pine, are usually sheared to give white pinethem a pyramidical shape. Such shearing gives them a very dense look. The slender boughs of white pine will not hold as many ornaments as some other trees, such as the Scotch pine, nor will they support very heavy ornaments. The white pine does not have as strong an aroma as some other kinds of pines, but this can be an advantage to those with allergies, since it reportedly may cause fewer allergy symptoms, according to the National Christmas Tree Association.

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