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Wreaths and Garlands


We carry a large selection of assorted wreaths, garlands, swags, canes, mantle pieces, evergreen roping, and more.

We also offer services to customize your decorations. You can choose your bows and decorations from our indoor store or have us customize your wreaths, swags, and mantelpieces in any way that you please.

To place an order or to get more information, please call us at 724-925-7261 or stop in and visit with our designers.

Custom Orders  are always welcome!

Custom Grave Blankets and Pillows

photo 2

Along with custom wreaths, swags, and mantelpieces, was also offer custom ordered Grave Blankets and Grave Pillows. We offer grave blankets and pillows in several sizes and can be decorated in any fashion.

The one pictured to the right is an example grave blanket, posed with a memorial plaque of our founders John and Yvonne Wilkinson, and is just over 5 feet long and 3 feet wide.





Pictured to the left is an example custom grave pillow. The family of an avid hunter commissioned this pillow and brought to us pheasant back and tail feathers to add in.



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