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Planting Instructions

When Can I Plant?

Myth: You can only plant in the spring or fall.

Fact: Plant anytime! Anytime you can dig a hole, you can plant.


How to Plant

Dig a hole one and a half times the width of the rootball or pot and the same depth.


Leave the wire basket and burlap on the root ball. The burlap is non-treated and will disintegrate naturally; the roots will grow through the wires.
Cut the twine and pull the burlap away from the trunk of the tree.

Plant the tree at ground level, or plant above ground level and mound the dirt to cover the root ball.


DO NOT plant below ground level.


You want to be able to see the flare of the tree trunk meeting the root ball. Otherwise, the excess soil will choke the tree, promoting diseases and increasing chances of death.

Shrubs and Perennials

Similar to trees, plant at ground level or slightly above, mounding the dirt to cover the root ball. Again, you do not want the plant to be below ground level.



Water approximately three times a week until the first frost in the fall.

Trees and plants need a deep drink of water. For trees, water inside the drip line at either outside edge of the root balls. For shrubs, water at the drip line of the plant.

For trees, you can allow a hose to trickle water. Place the hose on one side of the drip line and allow to water for 15 minutes. Change to the opposite side of the drip line and water again for 15 minutes. Be sure to alternate sides and directions of the drip line.


DON’T just sprits daily. Trees and plants need a deep drink of water poured over the roots at the drip line, not a sprinkling on the leaves.

DeeplyWaterinked SpritzWateringXinked


We recommend and sell the Espoma Bio-tone fertilizer line, which are slow release, well balanced all organic fertilizers.

Bio-Tone               Root starter
Garden-Tone        Vegetables
Rose-Tone           Roses
Plant-Tone           Universal
Tree-Tone            Ornament, flowering, and fruit trees
Holly-Tone           For all evergreens – including hollies, azaleas, rhododendrons – and for hydrangeas and dogwoods

For a more detailed list of the which fertilizers to use for your plants, visit the Espoma website at www.espoma.com.


When mulching, be sure to leave space around the trunk/stem of the tree/shrub. Mounding it around and against the trunk/stem will choke the plant, promote diseases, and increase chances of death.

Mulch should be approximately 3″ deep.







Other Considerations


Although you can plant at anytime, you cannot dig up a plant out of the ground at anytime. Here at the nursery, most trees have to be dug in the fall or spring when the tree is dormant and before it leafs out in the spring.

For more specific information on transplanting, please consult with the nursery.


Remove only dead, dying, diseased, or broken branches.

Deadheading is not pruning. It is removing dead flowers only. You can do it at any time.


For ornamental pruning, please consult with the nursery.

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