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How to Create a Windows 10 USB Bootable Media with UEFI support

Have you ever been a victim of viruses assault or other computer security problems? Nowadays being a regular PC consumer, you would like to understand some basic processes to secure your computer from many types of attacks.¬†Create Windows 10 Bootable USB For people who don’t have any clue concerning it, the upcoming top 6 tips can do you a favor in keeping your computer safe and protected.

1. Use finest anti-virus Software and keep it updated

Use nicely designed antivirus software that protects your system from many known viruses. This anti virus applications must contain anti virus attribute. And please keep your antivirus applications updated regularly to clean and recognize which the new viruses in your system.

2. Use firewalls to protect your computer from Internet hackers

Firewalls protect your system by forming a wall between the body and the outside world. Firewalls are of two types, software firewalls, which operate on your own hardware firewalls and PC that shield many systems in precisely the specific same moment.

3. Set a strong Windows login password and encrypt personal computer info

A strong Windows login password may protect your computer files and folders from prying eyes. It ought to be at least eight characters containing mix upper case, numbers, lower case or other special characters. Please keep in mind to change the passwords on a regular basis to maintain your PC more secure. Also be certain to create a Windows password reset disk to in the event that you forget the password in future. Besides the password, you can also encrypt your files and folders using encryption software to prevent authorized users.

4. Back up your computer data often

There are two kinds of folks, those people who have already lost data and the ones that will lose information later on. With this matter, you are able to backup computer folders and files initially by using backup program. There are various free and goo backup applications available on the marketplace, such as Comodo Backup, DFIncBackup, etc..

5. Don’t open unneeded email attachments

Never open any attachments on your email even if it’s out of a stranger. Therefore, when you locate and messages or email attachments it is much superior to delete instantly. Windows Beast Actually, you shouldn’t open any email attachments even if it’s from a famous individual also. If you would like to open a document it is much superior to store the document and run it from the virus checker.

6. Don’t share access with your own computers with unknown person

It is very important to know about file sharing risks. Sharing files with a stranger can infect your computer with several viruses, worms and Trojan horses. Check your operating system and other program help files to find out how to disable file sharing.

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