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C o m e G r o w W i t h U s


We maintain stock on the following mulches. Delivery available at a fee based on mileage from our stock yard. Prices subject to change. Contact us today to check on availability of your choice.

724-925-7261 or jw15616@gmail.com





$32.50 per yard

$18.00 per 1/2 yard


cherry brown mulch


Cherry Brown (red-brown dyed)

$32.50 per yard

$18.00 per 1/2 yard


chocolate brown mulch


Chocolate Brown (dark brown-dyed)

$32.50 per yard

$18.00 per 1/2 yard




Double Shredded Hardwood (natural-no dye)                                         

$28.50 per yard

$15.00 per 1/2 yard

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