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Norway Spruce

The Norway spruce (Picea abies) is a large introduced species from Europe that now grows in many parts of the United States. The Norway spruce has several uses. The tree can make a good Christmas tree, a large shade tree or a species that you will use for screens, hedges or other purposes on your property.

Not typically exceeding 130 feet, the Norway is an impressive sight. The trunk diameter can be around 3 feet on large specimens. The needles are a very dark shade of green, possessing four sides and being from a half inch to an inch in length. The branches can droop or grow horizontally to the ground and the mature cones are brown and as long as 6 inches. The bark on the older Norway spruces is a reddish color.

The Norway spruce is among the most versatile of the evergreens. The ideal setting for one is in acidic soil that has excellent drainage. Nevertheless, a Norway spruce will grow in clay, rocky soils, in dry conditions and in ground of any pH level. Pollution seems to have little effect on it and the Norway spruce will flourish in partial sunshine or full sun. The worst place to plant one is in a spot that is constantly wet, as this will rapidly cause the tree to perish.

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