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Forskolin and garcinia Cambogia differences, which is good for weight loss?

Excessive carbohydrates intake and lack of physical work is the reason behind excessive weight gain among people these days. Sitting in office and working for hours straight leads to fat accumulation in body. There are many weight loss supplements- natural and chemical based available in the market. Supplements are formulated to enhance some functions in the body which help in weight loss. These s supplements are either extracted naturally or are artificial.

Forskolin and Garcinia cambogia are two such Luna Trim Weight Loss supplements, quite much in demand these days. These supplements are natural and are completely harmless in nature because of their ingredient combination. Both the supplements are incredibly effective. But here arises the question as to which one is more effective and reliable in weight loss? For this we need to make a critical study and determine the better one.

  • Ingredients

Supplements are not an outcome of any single ingredient. On the basis of ingredients used, both the products use natural ingredients. Garcinia cambogia is kept in its original form to avoid any chemical add on. The key components include potassium, calcium and chromium as well as hydroxy citric acid. Forskolin is derived from a chemical found in the roots of the Indian coleus plant. The key component is amino acid.

  • Chemical Substance

Garcinia cambogia is entirely chemical free since it remains in its natural form. Forskolin is a chemical substance derived from tree roots and is completely natural as well. But the process through which the substance is extracted uses chemical, the residue of which might be find in final product as well.

  • Benefits

Apart from being helpful in weight loss, both these supplements have medicinal values to treat some other problems as well. Garcinia cambogia is said to be effective in joint pains, reducing mensurational pain, improving digestion, etc.

Forskolin is helpful in treating another common issue of insomnia. It also helps in lessening heart related problems and asthma.

  • Clinical studies

As per the clinical studies conducted from time to time, Garcinia cambogia is said to be really effective in weight loss and fat reduction. Forskolin is also quite effective but it is observed that for some reasons it is more effective on males than on females.

  • Adverse effects

Garcinia cambogia has basically no side effects for it is completely natural in its form. It does not possess any vital side effects.

Forskolin since has a bit of chemical substance in its final product has minor side effects such as low blood pressure, headaches, coughing and in some cases high heart rate.

Both these products should be consumed on consultation with a doctor since there might be chances of any human to be allergic of any ingredient. It is highly advised for pregnant and lactating women to see their doctor once before trying any of the two supplements.

The minor drawbacks are nothing major to achieve the desired shape. But the fact remains that garcinia cambogia is indeed the pure natural supplement and comes with major health benefits, forskolin too is significant in weight loss and has its own advantages.

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