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Delivery & Installation

6% sales tax will be added to all installation and delivery fees as required by state law.

Prices listed are estimates for your convenience. Actual fees may vary slightly by job.



0 to 5 miles ………….. $35.00 – 40.00

5.1 to 10 miles ……….$45.00 – 55.00

10.1 to 15 miles ………$65.00 – 75.00

15.1 to 20 miles …… $95.00 – 110.00

20.1 to 25 miles …..$110.00 – 125.00

over 25 miles …………Quoted

We deliver anywhere in the United States Northeast. Please feel free to call for any delivery estimate over 25 miles.

Delivery rates are per load and based on best route odometer readings upon delivery. Delivery rates are for plant material being dropped off at one site, accessible by truck. Additional charges will apply if plant material needs to be carted to an area not accessible by truck. Extra charges also apply to bulk orders requiring a truck and trailer or more than one load. Please ask for a quote.



20″ root balls and containers up to & including #15 gal…..$55.00

24″ root balls and #20 – #25 gal. containers….$80.00

30″ root balls…. $100.00

32″ root balls….$140.00

36″ root balls….$155.00

over 36″ root balls….Quoted

Installation fees are calculated per tree. All services are subject to a Delivery fee as described above.

Basic installation includes digging the hole and placing the plant in the hole, fertilizing and back filling. Prices are based on normal digging conditions. If, during the process of digging, excessive root, rock, or other such obstructions are found that you did not notify us of when you contracted us, our crew is instructed to cease digging and contact the office. Additional fees may be added to your bill for removal of such obstacles. No discount is given for you digging the hole prior to our arrival.


PaOneCallCustomer MUST advise of pipes, wires, or unusual circumstances. We are not liable for disruption of any service.

Please call the PA One Call System to assist you in locating your utilities at

1-800-242-1776 or visit their website at www.pa1call.org.







Be sure your tree(s) or shrubs are straight and properly placed prior to our crew leaving the job site. Should we have to return to straighten or move a plant you will be charged a fee equal to your original delivery fee plus labor costs. Any discrepancy should be reported to our office prior to our crew leaving your location.


Basic installation does NOT include weed mat, mulch, edging, or staking. Should you wish any of these amendment be made to your order, they must be done at the time you contract us to do your installation. Our crew is not sent equipped to provide any other service than that originally contracted.

The following price list is for trees and shrubs with up to a 3″ caliper trunk using a 35″ ring. Larger plants or ring sizes subject to quote.

Staking the tree:    Stake Kit….$9.99    Installation…. $10.00
Weed Mat around tree …………… $7.99
Mulch around tree ……………….. $8.99
Edging:   Spade….$9.99    Plastic….$12.99     Other….Quoted

Note: Should you choose to have mulch applied and not weed mat, please be aware that grass and weeds WILL grow through the mulch. It is advised to treat the mulch periodically with a pre-emergent weed killer to prevent them or post-emergent once they are visible. Also, occasionally weeds will grow on top of weed barrier. Those are typically easily removed, and the same advice is offered in regards to controlling weeds as above. Jason Wilkinson Nursery does not offer a weed prevention guarantee.


Service times are determined solely by the service department. All dates and times are subject to available time slots, previously scheduled jobs, weather conditions, and other criteria. Most jobs, unless they can be partnered with another delivery, are taken on a first come first serve basis. It is unfair to previously scheduled customers to move a new job into an earlier time frame. While we will make every effort to accommodate requests, we are not able to guarantee specific dates or times. At times it may be necessary for you to mark the location of a delivery or installation if you are not able to be at home during your scheduled time. Occasionally, schedules may be revised due to circumstances beyond our control. You will be contacted by someone as soon as a date and time are projected for your job.

During the busiest seasons, particularly spring, our services are scheduled well in advance. Generally, it is a two week wait, but it may be booked up to three, four weeks or more in advance. If we have a cancellation, your service may be moved forward.

Please be advised that our sales staff cannot quote you a delivery date or time.


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