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Landscape Design


We offer a full range of landscape services including:
Do-It-yourself landscape designs

Our landscape designer is available to meet with you at our nursery to evaluate your needs. If necessary, a follow up on-site appointment may be schedule. There is a nonrefundable deposit of $75 for the design fee after the first appointment, which will be credited towards your plant material once purchased from our nursery.

We can design landscaping for all types of requests:

-Color and Interest for all seasons
-Shaded areas
-Surrounding patio, pool, and water features
-Perennial garden
-Theme gardens (such as butterfly or fairy gardens)
-Foundation plantings

Our Design to Installation Process

1) Meet with one of the designers at our nursery. The designer will consult with you about areas of concern and plants you would like to incorporate, measure your property and/or planting beds, and take pictures for further reference. (If you already know your landscaping measurements and have pictures of your property, please bring those directly to our nursery and consult with one of the designers here.) If necessary, a follow-up appointment for on-site consultation may be scheduled.

2) The designer creates a design, constructs a plant list, and works up a cost estimate. This usually takes approximately 1-2 weeks.

3) Second consultation meeting: You and the designer will go over the proposed design and plant selections. Any necessary changes will be made to the design. Once a 50% deposit has been made, we will put the plants for your design on hold and schedule the day of installation.

Lastly, if you plan to plant and install the design yourself, you may purchase your plants and planting material and pickup your order. We also offer a Delivery service (See the Delivery & Installation page for price and details) if transporting the material proves difficult for your project. Or:

4) Installation day: the crew and landscape designer will come to your property, remove any previous landscaping (if necessary), and lay out the plants according to the design. We plant with an organic fertilizer. Lastly, commercial grade landscape fabric and stone or mulch will be laid down. Landscape edging can also be placed if requested as part of the design. Typically, installations take approximately 1-2 days and come with a one year plant guarantee.


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